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Codeac Solutions is a technology company which developed its unique nuclear threat detection technology in 2019 within a USA National Laboratory. 

One of the most transformational innovations in radiological detection in the last 60 years, our nuclear threat detection product is the only one of its kind in the world.

‘’Codeac Solutions provides all governments and regulated organizations with the technology they need to manage contamination threats’’

RELIABLE, Fast, Radionuclide Detection

Codeac Solutions is a complementary capability; it provides a further means to confirm the presence of radionuclides that have feint gamma emissions. Codeac Solutions provides wider coverage; it detects other radionuclides that are not gamma emitters (there are a number of radionuclides which do not have a gamma). Codeac Solutions enables specificity; it identifies each radionuclide with a distinct and calibrated color in under one minute.


Codeac Solutions works across a range of  environmental conditions with no requirements for training, calibration or maintenance. It is a highly versatile technology that can be used to test liquids and solids in hard to get places with confidence. Screen people and equipment at scale or discretely test areas of interest - all without the need for a laboratory or bulky equipment. Our products provide assurance, save time, money - and most importantly - lives.

CodeAc Solutions Can Solve Multiple Challenges, Across User Cases And Sectors


Defense & Security


First responders & uniformed personnel


Nuclear Facilities- full life cycle


Air & Sea Ports - Passenger & cargo screening


National Response Agencies


Mining, Agriculture,  Environmental & Water Source testing

Meet the Team

Gary Klopfenstein

Chairman of the Board
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Laine Klopfenstein

Board Director
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Ben Hall

CEO and President
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Lucas Bendo-Watson

Head of Network Development - Global
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Aaron McAdow​

North America Market Development​
Aaron B&W Circle

Tristan Kennely

UK and EU Market Development
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Rachel Parletta

Head of Operations
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Rick Demmer​

Inventor & Technical Advisor​
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Sarah Sisson

Marketing Director
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Ben Hall

CEO and President

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Head of Network Development - Global

Tristan Kennely

UK and EU Market Development

Aaron McAdow​

North America Market Development​

Tony Becker

North America Market Development​

Catherine Riddle​

Inventor & Technical Director​

Rick Demmer​

Inventor & Technical Advisor​